Kimie Tanaka

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『寿』“Kotobuki/To Us”  (Japan, Singapore / 2013 / 15 mins)


* Won Short Short Film Festival & Asia 2013 (Japan, June 2013)

   - Best Short Award (Japan Section)

   - The Governer of Tokyo Award

   - Best Actress Award (Kikuko Kanazawa)

* Special Screening in Short Short Film Festival in Mexico (Mexico, September 2013)

* Official Selection in Sapporo International Short Film Festival (Japan, September 2013)

* Special Screening in Camera Japan Festival (Netherlands, September 2013)

* Special Screening in Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan, October 2013)

* Official Selection in International Student Film and Video Festival in Beijing Film Academy (China, October 2013)

* Official Selection in San Diego Asian Film Festival (US, November 2013)

* Official Selection in International Izmir Short Film Festival (Turkey, November 2013)

* Special Screening in Ozu Film Festival (Italy, November 2013)

* Official Selection in Festival Tous Courts (France, December 2013)

* Special Screening in Bio Rio (Sweden, February 2014)
* Official Selection in Rome Independent Film Festival (Italy, March 2014)
* Official Selection in Sguardi Altrove Film Festival (Italy, March 2014)
* Official Selection in Hong Kong International Film Festival (Hong Kong, March 2014)

* Official Selection in KALIBER35 Munich Int'l Film Festival (Germany, June 2014)

Official Selection in Maremetraggio International Short Film Festival (Italy, July 2014)

* Official Selection in Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (Korea, September 2014)

* Official Selection in Nara International Film Festival (Japan, September 2014)

* Official Selection in International Short Film Festival in Drama (Greece, September 2014)

* Official Selection in Kyiv International Film Festival «Molodist»(Ukrine, October 2014)

* Official Selection in Siliguri International Short Film and Documentary Contest (India, November, 2014)

* Official Selection in Rafi Peer International Film Festival (Pakistan, December 2014)